Friday, March 4, 2011

"Payton Story #1"

Payton remembers EVERYTHING! One day we were on the way home from church, and we had stopped by chick-fil-a to get something to eat and get Payton something to drink. Well Mom decided she would just give Payton the cup that it came in. I thought it was a bad idea because I figured he would drop it and it would get all over the car, but Mom disagreed. At first, he did really good with it and didn't spill anything. A little later though, I turned around to check on him and the cup was no where to be found! Mom pulled over the car over on the side of highway 34 and started looking in the back seat for his cup. She couldn't find it anywhere. Payton didn't understand what she was looking for and I was practically rolling on the floor laughing. Neither of us were any help. Mom finally asked Payton what he did with his cup, and he simply raised his arm and showed us that it was sitting right beside him. That's when Mom realized she'd taught him to put his cup there when he was in his stroller one day so he wouldn't spill his needless to say, that is the first place we'll check for his cups from now on. :)

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